From that day on, every morning, as long as it doesn't rain, Xiaoman first moves the wheelchair downstairs, then comes up and carries me down. My weight is more than one hundred kilograms. Every time Xiaoman is breathless, the days go by, and I slowly walk out of the shadow of the traffic accident. I overheard Xiaoman's phone call that night. Even though Xiaoman's voice was very low that night, I heard her voice. From her intermittent voice, I can tell that Xiaoman's boyfriend is urging her to go back to Shenzhen, and Xiaoman is trying to persuade him. I didn't expect Xiaoman to be twenty-five years old today. It's the age of marriage, and I've influenced her life. I can't be Xiaoman's drag and ruin Xiaoman's happiness. The next day, I said to Xiaoman, I know all about it. Go back to Shenzhen and find a nanny for me. Little bully looked at me and said, "if I can rest assured that I can lose you, I won't come back. Don't think about it. "A few days later, Xiaoman's boyfriend came, a young man who looked very nice and kind to me. They were cooking in the kitchen and talking in a low voice. I heard Xiaoman laugh from time to time. After supper, we went out for a walk. Xiaoman's boyfriend got out of the wheelchair and then came up to carry me. Xiaoman easily followed. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I heard their argument. Xiaoman said, "if you want to get married, I need to bring Xiaowen..." Her boyfriend said: "we don't even have a house for him now. How about we wait for him to get better in a few years? Xiaowen can temporarily give it to your other relatives and friends to take care of... " The idea of Qingsheng once again came to my mind. I had no future but to hinder the happiness of others. I took out the razor I coaxed Xiaoman to buy for me that day and took out the blade When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital. Xiaoman cried and beat me: "I told you to die, I told you to die. Do you know that my father still owes me a set of dowry, and my father still owes me debt, and I will wait for you to raise dowry for me! "The day after I left home, Xiaoman's boyfriend left, leaving Xiaoman a ten thousand yuan passbook and a letter. Pushing open the open door, I saw Xiaoman sitting on the sofa in the living room, reading letters over and over again, tears streaming down his face. And my heart has already been torrential tears, I know, because of me, Xiaoman lost for a good love. Xiaoman said to me: "if you still know how to love your sister, you should live well, earn money to make a decent dowry for her, and marry her out in a beautiful way. "Xiaoman forced me to go to school in a wheelchair to cook, wash clothes and clean.